[Vision2020] Fwd: Help us get to 200,000 by tomorrow

Robert Dickow dickow@uidaho.edu
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 17:33:21 -0800

I find this thread interesting. I agree that email and online methods of
poling and petitioning are suspect, and prone to abuse. But given the
increasing dependency and use of electronic media for communication, it
would be a shame to rule it out as a resource.
What this implies is that we need a secure, verifiable system of some kind
that would instill confidence in the results on the part of authorities,
politicians, fellow citizens, etc. This *should* be possible. Let's make
noise, and maybe some clever programmers will begin to address this concern.

(This suggestion also raises other questions, related to the fact that not
everybody yet has access to electronic media of communications (computers,
email, web)), but that is another bridge to cross.)

Bob Dickow

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From: "Ry Jones" <v2020@ryjones.org>

> I don't consider the message forged, however, the results are easily
> Saying "we only need 250 more from Idaho!" is meaningless when you can
> a script in a few minutes to grab stuff out of the phone book and stuff
> results. Are they going to have the results of the campaign audited by a