[Vision2020] Naylor Farms

Bill London london@moscow.com
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 07:55:30 -0800

Those interested in the Naylor Farms request to pump 2.4 billions of
gallons of aquifer water for their clay mining and irrigation operation
should read David Johnson's article on that subject in today's Tribune
(front page, Wed 1/15).
    Johnson interviewed Robert Lemke of Boise, spokesperson for the
company that requested the pumping rights.
    Lemke responds repeatedly with variations on the "trust us--we want
to be good neighbors" theme.
    Of course, he will not specifically discuss his company's
plans--which are the subject of continuing secret negotiations with
Moscow city representatives.
    Of course, he rejects any suggestion that their company would be
interested in using the water to mine clay there--despite his admission
that the business is tied through common ownership to the Bovill-Helmer
clay mine proposal.
    (And this is my personal favorite) Lemke ends with this summary
sentence: "At this time, we have no large scale plans for clay mining."