[Vision2020] Daily News advisory board

Bill London london@moscow.com
Sat, 04 Jan 2003 09:47:38 -0800

Today's Daily News (Jan 4) includes a front-page column by publisher
Nathan Alford asking for applicants to join the new community advisory
board.  That board will serve as a communication channel, bringing
suggestions and criticisms from the board members (and the community) to
the newspaper management--and information about the newspaper's goals
and efforts to the community.
    The Daily News has been roundly criticized on V2020--and often
rightfully so.  But, with the arrival of Nathan Alford, I think the
Daily News is really coming back to being a paper that is an important
part of the community and a paper that we can be proud of.  I have
spoken with Nathan Alford at some length, and I think he is sincerely
committed to making the paper stronger and more relevant.
    That doesn't mean the Daily News does not have a long ways to go.
They still do plenty of dumb things--for example, in the same Jan. 4
issue, the Daily News printed the same story about George Nethercutt
twice (once on page 3A and again on page 5A).
    Anyway, I urge you to take Alford's request seriously and apply to
join that board.