[Vision2020] The Rose Bowl...

Bill London london@moscow.com
Thu, 02 Jan 2003 10:38:28 -0800

What I found most interesting about the Rose Bowl was the information in
the Lewiston Tribune that the bowl had very low attendance, and that
thousands of WSU tickets remained unsold.
Why--if 5 years ago the WSU tickets all sold and many at inflated
prices--did WSU not sell out this time?

Don Kaag wrote:

> Visionaries:
> So, I logged onto my email this morning and there was nothing posted on
> Vision 2020 but dirges about the Cougs' lackluster performance in
> Pasadena.
> Was there a Rose Bowl game yesterday?
> For those of us who would rather read biography and History than "get
> our game face on" and watch large, semi-agile, goons run into each
> other on the vidiot box, WSU's dismal performance in the Rose Bowl is a
> mere bagatelle.
> Given that most of the WSU squad were not even Washington natives made
> it even less attractive.  You'd have thought that they would have
> performed better in front of their home crowd, however---since many of
> them are from California.
> I didn't even know who won the game until I, as usual, sorted the
> sports page out of the SR and into the discard pile this morning, in
> pursuit of the funnies and political cartoons.  Back to Ambrose's essay
> on Dwight David Eisenhower's contribution to the founding of  NATO, and
> the eventual withering-away of the Evil Empire (Steven Ambrose was
> Ike's designated editor and biographer...).
> Keep your chins up.  Perhaps WSU can hire another coach who can make
> his name by taking the Cougars to a Rose Bowl and then bail to a REAL
> football school prior to the big game.
> Heh, heh,
> Don Kaag
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