[Vision2020] joining the community

Bill London london@moscow.com
Tue, 26 Aug 2003 11:40:54 -0700

New St. Andrews College has another opportunity to join, support, and
improve our community.
The mural on the wall of the former GTE building downtown (now owned by
New St. Andrews) was painted by the Moscow Renaissance Fair in 1993.
That is the mural depicting the maypole dancers above the parking lot
area where the Farmers' Market is held.
That mural will now be painted over when New St. Andrews renovates and
repaints the exterior of their building.
The RenFair has offered to pay to replace the mural, or share in the
designing and payment for a new mural.
The response so far from New St. Andrews (I asked Roy Atwood about this)
is that they want to put their own mural there, and that they plan a
mural that depicts several Moscow events (like the Farmers' Market, Jazz
Fest, as well as the Renaissance Fair).
Like their offer of public use of their bathrooms during Farmers'
Market, providing a colorful upbeat mural of the events and celebrations
of Moscow would be a real addition to this community.
Such a mural would be a great use of that space, and I thank them for
offering to underwrite those costs.