[Vision2020] Hope For Healing Pooh, Winnie The

Melynda Huskey mghuskey@hotmail.com
Thu, 21 Aug 2003 12:19:53 -0700

Oh, I see.

I thought we were all in conversation--a bit contentious at times, maybe, 
and sometimes dull, but in conversation.

Now I realize that for Nate, at least, this isn't conversation, it's 
*conversion.*  Only we're not turning, and that's pretty darned 
inconsiderate of us.  Here's Doug trying to teach us the moral alphabet, and 
we just keep on refusing to learn to read, even when he laughs at us in the 
kindest possible (and scripturally sanctioned) way to help us understand.  
What naughty, ungrateful numbskulls we are!  Imagine, we even dare to 
suggest that we can read already, and from a different book.

Well, the antics of the reprobate have their Providential purpose--it wasn't 
that long ago that the Presbyterian Church taught that the sight of the 
damned souls suffering in Hell would add pleasure to the joys of the elect 
in Heaven . . . so at least you've got that to look forward to, Nate.

Melynda Huskey

Go, said the bird, for the leaves were full of children,
Hidden excitedly, containing laughter.
Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind
Cannot bear very much reality.
Burnt Norton, T.S. Eliot

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