[Vision2020] Weapons of mass dinosaurs

Melynda Huskey mghuskey@hotmail.com
Mon, 18 Aug 2003 09:13:29 -0700

My son, who is three and something of an expert on dinosaur identification, 
pointed that cover out to me:  "Look," he said, "They are trying to kill 
that Coelophysis.  Why can't they leave it alone?"

Rosauers has a tabloid- and candy-free aisle, and I'd love to see every 
grocery in town follow suit . . .
shopping is agony enough without adding the task of trying to calm an 
outraged dinosaur-rights activist who doesn't yet know the difference 
between a drawing and a photograph.

Melynda Huskey

>From: "Carl Westberg" <carlwestberg846@hotmail.com>
>To: vision2020@moscow.com
>Subject: [Vision2020] Weapons of mass dinosaurs
>Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 07:27:58 -0700
>I was standing in a supermarket checkout line on Saturday, and was perusing 
>the headines in the National Enquirer, or the Star, or Globe, or Wall 
>Street Journal, I can't remember which one.  The story, with accompanying 
>photo, was about Saddam Hussein's dastardly plot to develop an army of 
>killer dinosaurs.  Not only that, but according to the story, George W. 
>Bush KNEW about this.  Why didn't he just tell us?  This is one American 
>who cannot allow a foreign Axis of evil-doer to unleash squadrons of 
>rampaging T-Rexes on our country.  Can you imagine the mess they'd leave 
>behind for the unfortunate survivors of such an attack to clean up?  They 
>don't make pooper-scoopers big enough for the job.  Now that I know this, 
>and that it came from such an unimpeachable source, I align myself firmly 
>with Donald Rumsfeld.  This cannot be tolerated.                            
>                          Carl Westberg Jr.
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