[Vision2020] Nate's House

Thomas Hansen tomh@uidaho.edu
Tue, 12 Aug 2003 08:28:50 -0700

Again, Mr. Courtney (for the umpteenth time).  It is NOT a question of
freedoms.  The question has to do with the reduction of the property tax
base which is virtually straining the tax paying public to the breaking

I, personally, don't care if Christ Church purchases every building from
Potlatch to Gennessee, provided that the tax-exempt status of those
buildings does not create an unbearable tax burden on what few tax payers

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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Ted writes:
> I asked the question about tax exempt organizations buying up property
> leading to a major reduction in taxes out of curiosity whether there are
> laws or codes or zoning regs etc. that might actually be used by city
> government to limit the number or size of such organizations.  Since the
> subject came up it seemed a relevant question.
> My interest in part was just academic.

Ted, I have no problem with asking academic legal questions. My concern is
the knee-jerk reaction of some who feel threatened because downtown property
(that they do *not* own) is being purchased for a use that they themselves
wouldn't use it for. Welcome to freedom!

I had heard complaints about the Verizon building being purchased by NSA,
yet no one else wanted to buy that empty building. How long was it standing
there empty? Would the grumblers have preferred that it remained empty?

The grumblers should either "put up or shut up" -- If there are buildings
downtown that they want to buy, they should have at it. If not, allow other
businesses, even those who you might disagree with, to flourish.


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