[Vision2020] Re: Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage

Saundra Lund sslund@moscow.com
Fri, 8 Aug 2003 13:17:05 -0700

Joshua Nieuwsma <joshuahendrik@yahoo.com> wrote:
"<snip> and you infer that therefore I don't believe in basic rights of

If you're really a Christian, then you should support "basic rights of
HUMANkind."  I'll cut you some slack on that one.

However, I'll cut you absolutely NO slack on this:
" <snip> though if you were consistent with your support of OFFENSIVE

I suppose I should pity you that your vocabulary is so sparse you resort
to using offensive slurs, but instead you simply disgust me.  OTOH, it
certainly makes your hatred crystal clear.  Not very Christian-like of

You talk an awful lot about God & Christianity, but clearly you don't
have a clue.  What on earth do you think God thinks of you using such
hateful terms to describe Her children when professing to be

Guess any person is free to call themselves a Christian, but wherever
you got your Christian "education" from was definitely lacking.  Maybe
you better go back & do some serious study this time.

Saundra Lund
Moscow, Idaho

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to
do nothing.
Edmund Burke