[Vision2020] Isn't This Racist?

Dale Courtney dale@courtneys.us
Mon, 7 Apr 2003 07:11:52 -0700

Donovan wrote: 
> Isn't sad to you that minorities best and often "only" chance in this 
> country is to volunteer for a job that puts their life on the line?

I never said it was their only choice; I said it was their "best" choice. 
> It really scares me that someone who reached the rank of Lt. 
> CMR in the US 
> Navy can't even find simple facts on a google search.


> It also scares me that you were at one time outranking people who's 
> nationality you can't even identify.

Why do you think that's the case? 
I recommend you hold to the "two minute rule", as we called it in the