[Vision2020] Hate Crime on the Palouse

Donovan Arnold donovanarnold@hotmail.com
Fri, 04 Apr 2003 12:26:30 -0800

Tim, where has your head been, or need I ask?

Let's see hate crimes in Moscow Idaho,

Three Asian students told get out of living group because it needs to be an 
all white hall--2003

Gay-Straight Alliance Flag burned by student government--2002

Two hispanic kids called spickes and followed and beaten on way home from 
Mardi Gras--2001

Gay teen disappears and remains of body found--1997-2002

Body of Middle Eastern foreign exchange student found hung at UI 

Tim, I find your remarks outrageous,bigoted, insensitive to these 
individuals and their families, and most of all arrogant of the recent 
history in Palouse.

Donovan Arnold

>From: Tim Lohrmann <timlohr@yahoo.com>
>To: Susan Troyano <susant@uidaho.edu>
>CC: vision2020@moscow.com
>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Hate Crime on the Palouse
>Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 11:11:03 -0800 (PST)
>It's all coming back to me now---this isn't the first
>time for this stuff round here.
>   It was late Oct. a crisp, cold nightfall saw a rash
>of nightmarish hate crimes hit the Palouse.
>The carnage and destruction defied comprehension,
>pumpkins smashed, toilet paper in trees, eggs thrown
>with abandon.
>Ohhh....the hate, the subhuman tribal animosity of it
>   Halloween? Oh, ok.
>   Never mind.
>Tim L
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