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My understanding is that State Law and Moscow Ordinance prohibit a member of
the planning commission from taking an advocacy role in any case in which
he/she has been a party.  P and Z hearings are administrative hearings and
as such the committee members making a recommendation are suppose to only
consider certain legal questions and be impartial.  If you are a dissenting
vote, much like the Supreme Court, you can add you reason for dissension to
the record in written form.  I have done a little research and found out
that if a P and Z member is allowed to speak, there may be grounds for an
appeal of that decision.

I know that people wanted to hear what Mike had to say and after his
resignation from P and Z Mayor Comstock did allow him to speak.  I
personally was there and commend the Mayor and Council for putting a
citizens right to speak above the legal opinion of the City Attorney.  I
think this shows that the Council and Mayor wanted to ensure that there was
equal participation and representation of both sides.

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I do not understand why Mike Curley had to resign from the city Planning
and Zoning Commission to speak about a zoning issue at the last Moscow
City Council meeting.  Is that really what happened?
Why is it illegal or improper or whatever for a citizen (especially one
well informed on the issue) to speak to the council on an important and
contraversial proposal?
The P and Z commission had discussed this issue and made a
recommendation on it to the council, as I understand, and Mike Curley
wanted to speak about it.  Why was he not allowed to speak, unless he
I do not get it.
I am sending this to City Supervisor Gary Riedner as well, asking him to
explain this to me and to the V2020 list.

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