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Thomas Hansen tomh@FNA.fsn.uidaho.edu
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Greetings Visionaires -

Had GWB Sr. allowed General Schwartzkopf to march on Baghdad, Sadam Hussein
would amount to nothing more than a bad memory right now.  The question
remains, "How much more blood must we spill to make up for George W. Sr.'s

You can candy-coat the Hell out of it all you want and say, "For the sake of
the war on terrorism, we must invade Iraq and take out Sadam Hussein."
Where were those same sentiments eleven years ago?

Tom Hansen

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thansen@moscow.com wrote:
> Just a mild reminder.  Wasn't it George W. Sr. that
> stopped General Schwarzkopf
> from marching on Baghdad in '91 when the U.S. had total
> support from the
> alliance?

The total support of the alliance stopped once the invaders
were driven from Kuwait. As someone who was extremely
critical of George Bush the First and now believes George
Bush the Present President to be a huge threat to our
freedoms, I am unable to find fault with the old guy for not
marching to Baghdad.

Don Coombs

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