[Vision2020] About the new list

Bill Moore bmoore@fsr.com
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:02:46 -0800

Here are things about the new list:
 o upon initally moving the list, a "welcome/how-to/password" message
   will be set to each of the 391 subscribers.
 o individuals will now be able to modify their preferences for mail
   delivery, mail type (text, html, mime), etc.  There's a NOMAIL option
   that allows you to stay on the list but temporarily suspect delivery
   when on vacation, etc.
 o archives will be visually changed.  past archives will remain available 
   in the old format.  new archives will be kept in a new format.  I'll
   have to make two different links.
 o I can make the subscriber list public or private.  I assume you want
   it public.  Its public now in the old format.
 o I can make the list require confirmation of subscription (or not).
   That means if you submit a subscribe request, we send you back an email
   asking that you confirm the reqest by replying to that message.  That
   prevents unscrupulous persons from subscribing other folks.  
 o Unsubscribes can only be done by the individual with their password or
   by the administrator (me).
 o no disruption in service is expected.  
 o stuff happens.