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A religion of sorts dictated by one man's desire for power built on a
foundation of hate.

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> Courtesy of today’s !Moscow-Pullman Daily News with special thanks to
> Moscow’s own Keely Emerine-Mix.
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> *Giving up rights for others*
> I was saddened to hear that the city of Moscow has settled with Christ
> Church deacon, failed County Commissioner candidate, and Doug Wilson
> acolyte Gabe Rench and another couple after their arrest during one of
> Wilson’s Christ Church “hymn sings” during the height of the COVID-19
> pandemic. My personal engagements with Rench assure me that he is gloating
> and feels fully vindicated now that he has collected a settlement from the
> city for what he calls a violation of his First Amendment rights. He is
> entitled to that; after all, he won.
> Or did he? As a citizen, he should have been held to the City’s reasonable
> mask mandate, and the hymn sings were not a spontaneous act of public
> worship but, rather, a calculated stiff middle finger not only to the City,
> but to its residents nearby. The rebelliously unmasked crowd lustily
> singing were engaged not only in reckless disregard for their own
> well-being and that of their neighbors, but also engaged in hateful
> disregard of the commandment of the God they presumed to worship.
> Christians are commanded to obey reasonable orders from the state. We are
> also taught by the Lord Jesus to consider the well-being of others as more
> important than our own, even giving up our rights for the good of others.
> Wilson and his beholden toadies like Rench may have won this battle, but it
> is clear that they continue to lose their war against sin, licentiousness,
> and contempt for their neighbors. I fear for Rench when he finds out that
> the God of righteousness does not settle His disputes with those who
> willingly transgress — and do so in His name
> Keely Emerine-Mix
> Moscow
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