[Vision2020] Scott Galloway, NYU School of Business: Facebook & Tyranny

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Galloway will change your assumptions about numerous subjects, or at least
he impacts my mind in  this fashion:
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Excerpt from the article at website above:

Tim Wu’s important book *The Curse of Bigness* is a cautionary tale about
how ugly things can get when government turns from a countervailing force
to private power and becomes a co-conspirator (hint: it involves
concentration of power, massive income inequality, demonizing minorities,
refusing to condemn domestic violence, the fomenting of bigotry, and trains
to death camps). Except for the last part, I’m referring to present-day

This week, Facebook hired
Newstead, a talented lawyer who was the intellectual tonic to wash down the
Patriot Act and other legislation that in large part was later deemed
unconstitutional — after we tortured people and lost our moral standing in
the world. Yay, she now works for Facebook. The company, which is spinning
up violence faster than Sheryl Sandberg can say, “We’re proud of our
progress,” now has the most adept legal mind in the world when it comes to
assuaging lawmakers’ fears concerning threats to our moral compass.
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