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Courtesy of today’s Moscow-Pullman Daily News with special thanks to Moscow’s Shirley Ringo.


The problem doesn’t exist

Rep. Tina Lambert, a Republican from Caldwell who identifies herself as a retired home educator, is concerned that “students from border communities, where they vote by mail, may come over here with their student ID and vote in person and then fill out their ballot in another state, thereby voting twice.” She doesn’t know that it’s a challenge to get students to vote even once. Secretary of State Phil McGrane notes that in the 2022 election, 104 student IDs were used statewide. One would hope none committed a felony by voting twice.

Without any proof that this is an existing problem, Lambert is certain that young people will break the law. Therefore, she proposes legislation that will not allow students to use their student ID cards as a valid form of identification at the polls. And by the way, her legislation would remove the option of signing an affidavit instead of showing photo ID to verify your identity at the polls. The House State Affairs Committee voted unanimously to introduce the legislation.

Lambert suffers from the Republican disease that causes them to worry about voter fraud that doesn’t exist. One can understand their concern … with seven democrats in the senate and eleven in the house, cheating must be rampant.

Shirley Ringo



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