[Vision2020] Realclimate 8-25-23: Climate Scientist Rahmstorf "In 2022, G20 governments subsidized fossil fuel use with 1.4 trillion dollars"

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This article is very technical, but still, this quote copied below from
towards the end of the article is easy to understand and quite to the point
regarding the lack of action to address AGM (anthropogenic global warming),
bypassing the greenwash BS or pseudo-science we are being bombarded with
from many sources, even well-intentioned sources who should know better!
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RealClimate: The AMOC: tipping this century, or not?

For the AMOC (and other climate tipping points
<https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abn7950>), the only action we
can take to minimise the risk is to get out of fossil fuels and stop
deforestation as fast as possible. One major assumption of the Ditlevsen
study is that global warming continues as in past decades. That is in our
hands – or more precisely, that of our governments and powerful
corporations. In 2022, the G20 governments alone subsidised fossil fuel use
with 1.4 trillion dollars
up by 475% above the previous year. They aren’t trying to end fossil fuels.
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