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Courtesy of today’s Moscow-Pullman Daily News with special thanks to Moscow’s Joann Muneta.

Moscow doesn’t want a war

Listening to Doug Wilson’s interview on NBC, I had an aha moment. Wilson said, “you can’t have naval warfare without ships, and you can’t have tank warfare without tanks. … And you can’t have a culture war unless you have a culture.” So, it isn’t a spiritual takeover he’s working towards, it’s winning a culture war in Moscow. No wonder we find Wilson’s mission “disruptive” at best. Moscow is not at war and doesn’t want to be. People here live peaceful, useful, harmonious lives. Not only that, Moscow already has a vigorous, thriving, uplifting culture.

Long before Wilson started writing and lecturing us about “Southern Slavery As It Was,” and why women need to be submissive, people in Moscow were working together building and enjoying an enriching community life. Even with different faiths, beliefs, political opinions, and lifestyles they interacted peacefully and helped developed the Moscow Food Co-op, the Moscow Farmers Market, Renaissance Fair, the Carnegie Library, The 1912 Center, Rendezvous in the Park, Pride Festival, Latah Historical Society, an ice skating rink, the Martin Luther King Breakfast, parks and playground equipment and much more. Through the Moscow Interfaith Association, diverse faith communities come together to help people and support programs such as Family Promise. When COVID-19 broke out, instead of whining and shouting about masks, several churches formed Mutual Aid, which contributed thousands of dollars and many volunteer hours to help the elderly and other people in need. Wilson’s warlike rhetoric of “taking over” is echoed in the New St. Andrews College’s slogan of “Build and Fight,” and the Edington Development’s logo of a sword in the shape of a cross. Enough harm has been done in the name of religion throughout the world. Let’s answer Wilson with a new slogan: “Peace, Love, and Respect for Everybody.”

Joann Muneta


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" (the most fun you can have with your pants on)

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

“A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met.”
- Roy E. Stolworthy
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