[Vision2020] "Sophie's Planet"...Columbia.edu 8-25-22 James Hansen, et. al.: July 2022 Temperature Update & A Turning Point

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JulyTemperatureUpdate.25August2022.pdf (columbia.edu)

>From former Goddard Institute for Space Studies director NASA Climate
Scientist James Hansen et. al.

Note the dismissal of the Inflation Reduction Act greenhouse gas emissions
reductions that are discussed with details regarding why they are limited
and questionable.  Discussion of carbon tax and dividend, sometimes called
fee and dividend, is succinctly outlined, with alleged benefits to many US
citizens that we rarely witness being promoted to the public, as this quote

*"The majority of American families, including the most vulnerable, will
benefit financially by receiving more in ‘carbon dividends’ than they pay
in increased energy prices.”*

At the end of this short, depressing but illuminating discussion, James
Hansen added this personal and perhaps amusing note as quoted below.  I
plan on reading the book "Sophie's Planet."
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

*"At least one turning point has been reached: the first author (JEH) has
seen enough of the U.S. administration’s policies that he can finally
finish the overdue “Sophie’s Planet.”*
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