[Vision2020] DeSmog 5-26-22: Italian Activists’ Homes Searched by Police Following Gazprom Protests

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Europe's dependence on Russian fossil energy which is both
facilitating further anthropogenic global warming while supporting the
Kremlin's war machine is one of the most glaring examples of hypocrisy by
the alleged supporters of human rights, etc. in the European Union.  As if
Russia's invasion of Ukraine was a big surprise, given Putin's history of
authoritarian rule undermining human rights and democratic principles, and
now the EU aims to wean itself from dependence on Russian fossil gas, given
their superior moral stance to support freedom and democracy?  What a joke!

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Italian Activists’ Homes Searched by Police Following Gazprom Protests -

by Stella Levantesi

The homes of three Italian climate activists were searched by the Italian
police last week over their alleged involvement in March in a protest
against fossil gas in Milan, Italy.

The search warrant, shared with DeSmog by one of the activists, alleges
that the activists spray painted and vandalized the side of a building,
headquarters of the companies Centrex and Weedoo, both of which are
involved in the “sale and supply of gas and energy on behalf of Gazprom” a
Russian state-owned fossil fuel company, the warrant says. The warrant
states that the search is motivated by the assumption that “electronic
devices” found may help “identify the accused” or contain “propagandistic
material” tied to their “criminal conduct.”

Last year, oil and gas sales made up
percent of Russia’s total budget and, since the start of the war in
Ukraine, activists and environmentalists across Europe have been pressuring
governments to stop all gas and oil supply agreements with Gazprom.
According to the Climate Accountability Institute
<https://climateaccountability.org/>, Gazprom ranked
among the top 20 companies that emitted the most carbon dioxide between
1965 and 2017.

Italy is among the European countries with the highest share
gas supply from Russia. The search warrant alleges the act of protest the
activists are accused of was held on March 19, when some words against
fossil gas were spray painted on the Centrex and Weedoo building in Milan.
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