[Vision2020] BBC 5-22-22: Australia election: Anthony Albanese signals climate policy change

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I recall Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard's promotion of action on
global warming as the first article below mentons, only for that to be
followed by a "decade of disappointment" as the article phrases it...

The second article below referenced in the subject heading might portend a
different outcome on global warming action, but I am not holding my
breath... G. W. Bush, for all his problems, had it right when he (
https://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/01/world/americas/01iht-state.html  )
described the public as   "...addicted to oil."
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July, 2017
How Australia bungled climate policy to create a decade of disappointment

*Australia's new leader has vowed to take the country in a new direction,
with a big shift in climate policy.*

Anthony Albanese, who won Saturday's election with the opposition
centre-left Labor Party, said Australia could become a renewable energy

He is to be sworn in as PM on Monday, but it is not clear whether his party
will have a majority in parliament.

Climate change was a key concern for voters, after three years of
record-breaking bushfire and flood events.

Outgoing PM Scott Morrison, the leader of an ousted Liberal-National
coalition, thanked the "miracle of the Australian people" after conceding.

Vote counting is still going on and he is still a few seats short of the 76
that Labor needs to secure a majority in the 151-member lower house of

Final results may not be known for several days, as electoral officials
have just started counting nearly three million postal votes.

If the election results in a hung parliament, Greens and independents - who
have been campaigning for radical climate change action - could wield
greater influence in framing the new government's policies on the issue.
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