[Vision2020] Maybe not rare at all, but

Don Coombs wildmushroomer at gmail.com
Tue May 17 19:02:32 PDT 2022

As a less than professional birder, I don't know whether I have something
rare in my backyard or not. But I have a Bullocks Oriole or Northern
Oriole, which is new for me. He has spent an intense day in my pie cherry
tree, which is in full bloom, and I've wondered what he's doing.

My favorite field guide (Sibley) says this species feeds on caterpillars
and -- wait for this -- pollen! So here we have a robin-sized bird (and a
bright-colored one) feeding like a hummingbird (although not flying in
place). Any comments from Audubon types on Vision 2020?

Don Coombs
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