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 Two injured kittens are adopted by their rescuer after undergoing life-saving surgery. "They will now live forever pain-free in a loving home. They deserve nothing less." Welcome to Caturday.

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Two injured kittens adopted by rescuer after life-saving surgery
Echo and Foxtrot have found their forever home after receiving life-saving amputations
TACOMA, Wash. — Kittens Echo and Foxtrot were brought to the Tacoma Humane Society’s animal shelter on Dec. 7 after both were found maimed, each one with a missing back-left paw and a missing part of a tail.

The Humane Society said that both kittens, each weighing less than a pound, were in desperate need of leg amputations due to the pain they were in and potential infection.

In January, the Humane Society asked for donations to help pay for the expensive surgeries after the shelter had become “inundated” with critical medical cases over the previous year.

On Wednesday, the shelter announced that the community had delivered with its generosity, and Echo and Foxtrot are now healthy in their forever home.

“The shelter’s veterinarians did an amazing job. After their amputations, they could walk, run, and jump with ease. They no longer winced from pain,” said their foster parent Amy Coy, who helped the kittens recover after surgery with “love and cuddles.”
Echo and Foxtrot were adopted by the animal control officer who brought them to the shelter in December. The officer said the two are settling in well following the adoption.

Coy said it was “love at first sight” for the kittens and the officer, adding, “They will now live forever pain-free in a loving home. They deserve nothing less.”

The Tacoma Humane Society is expecting to see hundreds of more kittens come into its doors beginning in March. The shelter is hosting its third annual Virtual Kitten Shower to prepare for the uptick in kittens.


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Echo and Foxtrot are recovering in their forever home after receiving life-saving amputations.

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