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Kitten finds furever home after getting trapped in a minivan's wheel well: "We ended up tearing whole inside of the tire out on the car and ... then the cat ran up into engine compartment." That was a wheely good rescue on Caturday.

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Kitten finds furever home after getting trapped in minivan's wheel well

CAMP HILL, Pa. — A woman in Cumberland County heard meowing coming from somewhere inside her minivan recently, but she couldn't find the cat.
Elusive kitty
On the way to school one morning, Jackie Sanderson and her daughter Blake could hear the meowing somewhere in their van. 

"It was really loud," Blake said.

Jackie called a friend and they popped the hood. Nothing.

Another woman tried to lure the cat out with tuna fish, but they couldn't find the kitty.

"We could not see it anywhere. We just kept hearing it meowing, meowing," Jackie said.

So, she called Camp Hill police, who followed behind her van as she drove to Callen-Kinback Garage. Kevin Howell and other mechanics went to work. They used a diagnostic camera and spotted the cat in a wheel well.

"We ended up tearing whole inside of the tire out on the car and … the cat ran up into engine compartment. And then we got up underneath and shone flashlights up in there and saw the cat scurrying," Howell said.

A purrfect ending
It was a female kitten. Howell and his girlfriend have now adopted the young feline. They named her Gabby and she's a welcome addition to their family.

Blake and Jackie are happy the kitten has a good home, especially because Jackie is allergic to cats.


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“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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