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 Nearly a year ago over a dozen cats from a hoarding situation were brought to the Lewis and Clark Humane Society. All but one of the Bakery Bunch has been adopted, Lemony Snicket. Here's hoping he gets adopted just in time for Caturday.

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LCHS cat still looking for forever home after almost a year in shelter care

HELENA — Almost a year ago, more than a dozen cats were brought to the Lewis and Clark Humane Society (LCHS) from a hoarding situation. The shelter’s staff dubbed them the “Bakery Bunch.” All have been adopted but one, a goofball named “Lemony Snicket.”

"We’ve had no interest in him at all which is insane. He’s the best cat, he has such a unique personality,” said Animal Services Manager Kattie Axline-Pittman.

Lemony is also good with other cats, but he is feline immunodeficiency virus-positive (FIV) just like the rest of the Bakery Bunch.

“That can be really scary for a lot of people when you hear those words, but it’s really not. His immune system just isn’t as strong as a normal cat’s. So he can get sick easier but it’s nothing that really needs to be worried about or anything like that,” explained Axline-Pittman.

FIV is spread through saliva and bite wounds. Shelter staff says transmission from Lemony is a relatively small concern.

“If they’re fighting then it’s a problem, but he’s lived with other cats in foster care and had no issues,” noted Axline-Pittman.

Most cats that come into the care of LCHS are only there for a few months at most, not almost a year. Staff say Lemony is a great cat that deserves a forever home and hope people check him out or share his story so that he can find his family.

More information about Lemony Snicket can be found here.

Right now the shelter is also holding its “Paws vs Claw” fundraiser which encourages people to compete against others in the community in crowdfunding with the goal of collecting $65,000 for the humane society.





“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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