[Vision2020] 6-27-22: "...1000 Year Flood Event?" Flooded Yellowstone communities need your help

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 15:15:06 PDT 2022

Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

Earlier this month, *devastating floods*1* impacted thousands of people in
Yellowstone National Park gateway communities *in southwest Montana, and
severely impacted the Park and Park staff as well. Floodwaters drove river
levels two-and-a-half feet higher than ever recorded–inundating homes,
destroying roads and bridges, and isolating entire towns.

Communities that were heavily affected and Yellowstone Park are hard at
work recovering and rebuilding after this 1000-year flood event, *but they
need our help.* Local organizations are calling for assistance to meet
community needs, including emergency shelter, drinking water, food and
clothing for those most impacted, along with larger clean-up and community
rebuilding efforts. Many people and businesses in Gardiner, Red Lodge and
other affected communities also rely heavily on tourism for their
livelihoods. They will be impacted for months to come as things continue to
shift with road and bridge rebuilding, tourist access to impacted gateway
communities, and restricted public access to parts of Yellowstone.

When disaster strikes, our Sierra Club community has pulled together time
and again to help people in need of relief. *I'm asking you once more to
please help with a donation to partner organizations working on the ground
to help affected communities.*

*You can help by donating to these organizations which are all working to
help get people back on their feet after the floods. 100% of your gift will
go to help flooding relief and recovery efforts >>

The *Southwest Montana Flood Relief Fund
is helping those in Park and Madison Counties. The *Red Lodge Community
Area Foundation
has started a special fund for people in Red Lodge and Carbon County
affected by the flooding. Please also consider supporting the * Park County
Environmental Council
which has been working hard to coordinate flood relief efforts and respond
to community needs in Park County, including matching up people who want to
volunteer with those who need help.

In the midst of this disaster, the Sierra Club pledges to keep working to
prevent future climate chaos while also showing up in support of our
friends, neighbors and partners feeling the direct impacts of flooding,
wildfires and other disasters exacerbated by climate change. Climate change
is making extreme weather events, like what we have just seen in
Yellowstone, more frequent and more devastating. We must do all we can to
address the climate and biodiversity crises and secure the futures of our
lands, wildlife, and communities.

*Thank you in advance for your support of recovery and relief efforts for
Yellowstone gateway communities.

In solidarity,

[image: Bonnie Rice]
  Bonnie Rice
  Senior Representative, Greater Yellowstone-
  Northern Rockies Regions - Bozeman, Montana


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