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Author unknown

Fireball always seems to take center stage,
Except in the last episode it was with absolute rage,
Echoman has secretly loved this ravishing beauty
Lost her to a human whilst she was on duty!
There were good and bad super heroes
Throughout my story,
Who realized and expressed the power and glory
Of good over evil,
Between the ones to be trusted over a dirty mean weasel.
Scorpion Sting, Midnight Raven, and Guiltless
Real Bad boys with murderous intentions,
Whilst Galactic Warrior, Celestial Calm, and Tidal wave were
The good guys who didn’t wish to continue vengeance.
Our Bad boys come from Plant Jupiter and on their
Return through to their planet traveled our solar system,
And Visited Planets Mercury Uranus and Saturn, 
Incredible numbers of soldiers were chosen,
Soldiers ready to fight to the end, this could not be disputed
Whilst Echoman recruited
Warriors loyal, and just, perfectly suited
To fight fairly, from Neptune Venus and Mars,
Soldiers reputed who knew the rules of
Intergalactic laws,
These planets were guarded at portals with fearless  
Robots of incredible vigor!
Returning with his spaceship carefully piloting
And avoiding satellites in orbit,
And stars that were dying
Meteors of all sizes flying
Echoman felt sad, this whole war had become sordid!!
However, I have a secret which
Is now to be disclosed, three colonels led our
Superheroes one beautiful blonde and two 
Handsome men, they were going to do well
In leading their warriors away from certain death 
And the devil’s hell,
Sunshine Smile, Silent one and Wingster,
They had to prepare to retaliate immediately
Hundreds of space ships already
Firing, and
A formidable sight ,
This was going to be a fearful battle and fight!
Our three colonels Sunshine Smile Silent One and Wingster
Rocketed past the clouds and our sky,
Reaching space,
At an incredible pace,
Both armies fought with unbelievable superhuman power
They fired unending lasers and rockets,
Space ships fell from the skies in flames
Thousands had died
Spaceships smashed to the ground, soldiers fried.
Echoman could take this no more, suddenly disaster, may day may day,
May day May day, Silent One radioed in, Sunshine Smile has been hit,
She is critical, both colonels with remotes
Helped her land safely on Planet Earth,
Doctors rallied around, caring for the VIP
They were aware of her rank and worth
And her intergalactic reputation.
The King of Saturn and Echoman urgently 
Began their communication,
Both agreed this bloodshed was useless,
They were destroying their galaxy , 
It would become just a memory a fantasy!
The bad superheroes were ordered to lay
Down their arms too many had died
Whilst Echoman told his soldiers to stop
Too many widows had already cried!
There would be no universe, no galaxy to be united!
Sunshine Smile recovered and all three colonels
Were to be knighted,
Wingster returned to marry his beauty from Venus,
Whilst Silent one and Sunshine Smile, the two
Colonels each an absolute genius
Returned to their families safe and sound 
Upon their home ground.
Wingster’s wedding was a sparkling intergalactic bling
An absolute thrill and fling!
The 8 planets including Earth, held a universal forum
Where a treaty and coalition between them all
Including Earth, was signed, hopefully all planets would 
Become allies, stand proud and tall,
And tell their children one day of a hateful War,
That almost witnessed a galactic death and fall.


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Tom Hansen
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