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 "Hopefully, we get some of our babies adopted out to their forever homes. We want to create awareness about our group because we are a newly created 501(c)(3) nonprofit and then maybe get some funding so we can continue going". Welcome to Caturday.

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Fundraiser pairs cats and tattoos to benefit local cat rescue organization

MEDINA — Cats and tattoos seem to be an unlikely match but, for Alleycats and Aristocats, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit cat rescue organization, the two have formed into a planned fundraiser, expecting a large number of donors.

The inaugural Tats for Cats event will be 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday at Mission Possible Animal Hospital, 910 Lake Road. 

“Being a new nonprofit, we don't have any grants and we don't get any kind of help because we're new, so we rely on donations,” said Stacey Frost, a volunteer of Alleycats and Aristocats.

Those wishing to donate to the organization for a tattoo can come to Mission Possible from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for a first-come, first-served 30-minute appointment. They will then pick out one of the designs created for the event and one of the five tattoo artists present for the event will get to work. 

Frost said the five tattoo artists will donate 100 percent of their time and profits to Alleycats and Aristocats at the fundraiser. 

Tattoos will start at $100 and are cash only, with all the proceeds to go to Alleycats and Aristocats. 

The idea for the event first came from Alleycats and Aristocats founder Jennifer Doyle after she heard about tattoo fundraisers, and then she began working with Dominic Johnson of Scapegoats Tattoos to put everything together.

“He has truly been a gift to us in this whole process by not only agreeing to do it but helping us walk through this process because he's familiar with it,” Frost said. 

With Johnson helping along the way, the Alleycats and Aristocats team worked on getting the correct permits from the Medina County Health Department, finding additional tattoo artists and breaking down each detail, like the designs to be offered. 

In addition to Johnson, there will be four Northeast Ohio tattoo artists participating in the event: Jamie Cohen-Kiraly of Ammonite Tattoo; Bee of Inked; Windy Hoffmaster of Art in Motion; and Billy Toth of Olympus Tattoos.

While tattoos are being done inside, food will be served at an additional cost outside by Cafe Avalaun of Shaker Heights. 

Kittens will be on site for adoption for people who fill out an application at bit.ly/3PmRHvOand are preapproved. 

“All of the cats that will be at the event will be 100 percent ready for adoption,” Frost said.

Each kitten will be fixed, vetted and microchipped, ready to go home with its adopter. 

Frost hopes to have some of the cats adopted out during the event so they can go to their forever homes rather than stay in the foster home they are at currently. 

With this being the first time Alleycats and Aristocats is hosting an event like this, the team is hoping that it turns out to be as big of an event as it seems to be via the responses on Facebook. 

“Hopefully (we get) to see a huge crowd and bring awareness to our organization because we do focus on Medina County and I don’t think people realize how many stray, homeless cats are in Medina County,” Frost said. 

The main goal of the event is to spread awareness of what exactly Alleycats and Aristocats is and the cats it rescues. 


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“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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