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Courtesy of today’s Moscow-Pullman Daily News with special thanks to Nick Gier.


The Old Tricks

Dale Courtney is up to his old tricks again (column, Feb. 2). He claims that COVID-19 is “becoming less lethal,” but that is only the case in countries that practice the precautions that he rejects. The U.S still has the most overall deaths, and our omicron fatalities are currently 63 percent more than Western Europe.

Australia and New Zealand were in lockdown the longest, and one day omicron fatalities were 134 and 53 on Jan. 28 and Feb. 1 respectively. On Jan. 26, U.S. deaths were 3,434. That computes to 104 per million Americans dead versus 5.2 Aussies and 10.8 Kiwis.

Many assume that lockdowns ruined economies, but Australia’s unemployment rate is 4.6 percent, its budget deficit is 4.5 percent, and its economy is expected to grow 3.1 percent for 2022. Ours is 3.9, 7.8, and 3.3 respectively.

Not surprising, Courtney’s data for natural immunity sounds fishy, so let’s rely on the experts at Johns Hopkins: “For all these reasons (low full vaccinations and low mask wearing), it will be very challenging to get to the level of population immunity.”

Courtney supports the Barrington Declaration which would have let the virus run its course unhindered and without regard for the risk of hundreds of thousands more deaths. In a previous column Courtney recommended, incredibly enough, that parents throw “pox” parties for their kids.

When Courtney falsely claims that Biden has “blocked therapeutics,” he must have the dewormer ivermectin in mind. The FDA, however, has approved a number of safe drugs for use.

Courtney also contends that Biden has fired all sorts of people. As commander-in-chief, he has a responsibility to protect the combat readiness of the troops, so anti-vax soldiers will not be allowed to infect their units. When the Pullman hospital required vaccines, a few employees fired themselves for not complying.

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