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Courtesy of today’s Lewiston Tribune with special thanks to Moscow’s Nick Gier . . .


Response to Prager

I must respond to Dennis Prager’s Nov. 27 column, “Young Americans voted to ruin their lives.”

He blames Harvard University and all “leftists” for the fact that 59% of young people believe that “their rights are under attack” and “73% are troubled that the rights of others are threatened.”

This is an insult to young women in most red states whose reproductive rights have been curtailed. Most of our youth reject Prager’s absurd claim that climate scientists are “hysterical.” They rightly fear for their future and the lives of their children.

Most believe that teen mothers, without pre- and post-natal care and without access to abortion, will most likely ruin their lives — or die because of our record maternal death rates.

Our teen pregnancy rate is 35 per 100,000 while nine “leftist” European nations have 22 per 100,000. Red states, except for six blues in the top 20, have the highest teen pregnancy rates.
Conservative parents frown on adolescent sexuality, but the U.S. has some of the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections in the developed world. Half the cases are found among youth ages 15-to-24, and most of these occur, overwhelmingly, in red states.

Since 2013, according to NBC News, “100 students have been killed and 155 injured by gunfire in 54 school shootings.” Death obviously brings the most ruin to one’s life, but the trauma that the injured and their classmates have experienced will be lifelong.

I believe that most students would blame conservatives, not leftists, for the lack of common-sense gun control.

Nick Gier, Moscow


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Tom Hansen
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