[Vision2020] Trump Demands Recount After Biden Has More Positive COVID Tests Than He Did (SATIRE)

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Trump Demands Recount After Biden Has More Positive COVID Tests Than He Did

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) - Donald J. Trump has demanded an immediate recount of covid tests after it emerged that President Biden had tested positive more times than he did.

A fuming Trump told reporters that “the only way Sleepy Joe could beat me at covid is if the tests were rigged.”

Lending Trump support was his former attorney Rudolph Giuliani, who claimed that Biden’s most recent covid test was “rife with fraud.”

“These covid tests are like a Breathalyzer,” Giuliani said. “You blow into the thing when you’re perfectly fine, and it registers that you’re drunk off your ass.”

Trump asserted that once a recount is performed, he will have topped Biden’s positive tests in a landslide. “Frankly, we did win this infection,” he said.


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