[Vision2020] Realclimate.org 4-19-22 NASA Climate Scientist Gavin Schmidt "The modern demarcation problem"

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RealClimate: The modern demarcation problem

A couple of excerpts from the article:

Defining (and enforcing) a clear line between information and
mis-information is impossible, but that doesn’t mean misinformation doesn’t
exist or that there is nothing to be done to combat it.

Social media deplatforming is often strongly criticised as being against
the ‘spirit’ of free speech (not the actual First Amendment, which only
enjoins the US government). But should the free marketplace for ideas be a
total free-for-all, where voices are drowned out by bot farms pouring sh*t
onto everyone else’s stall? Creating and curating accessible spaces and
environments that elevate information over misinformation seems to me to be
an essential part of building an informed democracy (which is what we want,
no?). This might not be completely compatible with platforms that are
really optimized for engagement rather than discourse (this remains to be
seen). But it is surely an impossible task if we don’t take the
misinformers seriously.


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