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 "Our fosters offer shelter and food and a warm place, but they also offer a lot more than that. They are lifesavers for homeless, abandoned, and orphaned cats." Welcome to Caturday.

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Pay It Forward: Rescuing unwanted cats

BOISE, Idaho (CBS 2) — Conrad Strays is an all-volunteer group dedicated to helping unwanted cats. They take them in, get them the care they need, and then offer them up for adoption.

We caught up with Kathy Nelson as she picked up Thomas the cat from the veterinarian. He'd been brought to Conrad Strays after a good samaritan found him in the roadway. He'd been hit by a car.

Kathy explained, "He had broken his jaw on just the bottom, but his jaw was shattered. He lost a whole lot of teeth."

Now Thomas is much better and is ready for adoption.

Kathy is a volunteer foster provider for Conrad Strays. For her, it is a labor of love, but vet bills still require money.

That's where Angela Phillips can help.

She springs a surprise at an adoption event Conrad Strays is holding at the PetSmart at Boise Towne Square Mall.

Angela presents one of the principals of Conrad Strays, Denise Fisher, DVM, with a $500 Pay It Forward. “Dr. Fisher, you have continued the legacy of Conrad strays along with all these awesome volunteers to help these beautiful cats find new homes,” Angela explained as she handed over the envelope with the cash.

The cash will help with the vet bills for Thomas and the other cats.

Dr. Fisher explained, “We do have to spay and neuter cats. Kitten season is coming up, so it will help with our spays and neuters.”

These cats come from different circumstances, but they have one thing in common, Conrad Strays has given them a new shot at a happy life.

To volunteer to foster with Conrad Strays, you have to love cats. However, Greg Church had to be won over, “I used to like dogs more than cats. But the longer they're at my house the more they're getting there.” Now it’s hard for Greg to say goodbye when his foster cats are adopted.

Conrad Strays has no shelter. It’s all up to the foster families. Dr. Fisher said, “Our fosters offer shelter and food and a warm place, but they also offer a lot more than that. There are some cats -- we call it cat whispering -- that come shy or scared or abused. And when they go into a home environment where it's safe, then they can learn to play and they can learn to show their personality.”

They are lifesavers for homeless, abandoned, and orphaned cats.


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“Caturday” by Linus Petit

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