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“Don’t Bogart That Joint”

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Tips for a safe and mellow 4/20
Area cannabis retailers give advice on how to enjoy responsibly

Today is April 20, or 4/20, and many consider it the official unofficial “stoner holiday.” For those living where recreational cannabis is legal, local shops in Clarkston and Pullman have tips on partaking responsibly.

While cannabis has grown in popularity with its legalization in Washington and Oregon, staff at several local dispensaries interviewed Tuesday said they estimate sales have doubled or tripled on 4/20 in past years.

Although many of those making purchases are regular customers, Greenfield Company Cannabis Retail in Clarkston also attracts a mix of first-time users, said Paige Winchester, a budtender at the dispensary. These new customers often leave the shop with at least one product to try out, she said.

Dispensaries generally sell both “traditional” offerings like pre-rolled joints and marijuana buds to smoke, along with a wide range of edibles including chocolates, gummies or drinks, which are preferred by some customers.

“(Edibles are) more user-friendly,” Winchester said. “(It’s) less intimidating and you don’t need as many gadgets and things to enjoy.”

Most people trying marijuana for the first time will have a relatively mild experience, said Ben Pernsteiner, an inventory manager at Sativa Sisters in Clarkston.

“There are some people who experience it very strongly the first time they try it,” he said. “But usually, if you’re in a comfortable place, you know, with some friends and in a familiar place, and you try marijuana, you’ll just experience a nice buzz. I think a lot of people who smoke it enjoy it in a similar manner that you might enjoy a beer or so when you’re hanging out with friends.”

However, some people can experience side effects, such as anxiety or panic attacks, which can happen when too much cannabis is consumed.

To avoid over-consumption in the first place, Jordan Fleenor, the assistant general manager at Kush 21 in Pullman, suggests waiting after smoking or consuming cannabis before going for seconds.

“Keep in mind that it sets in over 20 or 30 minutes, generally,” she said. “So stop smoking, and see how you feel.”

The only time she remembers hearing of a hospitalization from cannabis was when someone accidentally took 300 milligrams of edibles — about 30 times the recommended dose, she said.

“They had never done edibles before, and ended up going to the hospital because they thought they were having an overdose,” she said. “Turns out, they just needed to sleep it off.”

Still, too much cannabis can be unpleasant. If someone does consume too much, the main solution is to get comfortable and wait it out, she said.

“If you have a little bit too much, definitely some nice music, being able to lay down and do something on your phone that’s kind of repetitive that you already like to do (is good),” Fleenor said.

CBD, a nonpsychoactive cannabis product known for its calming effect, is also generally thought to counteract some of the psychoactive effects of THC — though exactly how is unknown. The interactions between the two compounds are complex, and can vary depending on each person’s physiology.

The specific strain of marijuana, how it’s consumed and an individual’s physiology can also affect how cannabis makes someone feel.

While budtenders at dispensaries can answer more specific questions, a general rule is the sativa strain is an “upper” — it’s found to be energizing and produce feelings of happiness and euphoria. The indica strain, on the other hand, can help with relaxation and stimulating appetite.

“ ‘Indica in the couch’ is how people remember it,” Pernsteiner said. “(That) is usually where your munchies are as well. So a lot of people eat on indica and that’s more for evening and relaxation.”


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