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 "Come on, stay with me, please." Man gives a tiny kitten CPR after an hours long rescue from an eight-foot-deep pipe. Paging the Hero tag, Hero tag please report to Caturday.

Courtesy of WKYC (Cleveland, Ohio) at:


Man gives kitten CPR after rescuing her from pipe in Cleveland

Amazing! The kitten was saved after an hours-long rescue effort along West Boulevard in Cleveland.
CLEVELAND — You could hear the kitten’s cries from deep in the pipe.
She was stuck eight feet down.

An hours-long rescue effort with the help of Kamm’s Cat Guardians ensued to pull the kitten, Matilda, back to safety as the situation unfolded along West Boulevard in Cleveland.

“Come on! Stay with me, please!” one of the rescuers was saying while attempting to maneuver her out of the pipe.

Finally, the rescue attempt worked – but the kitten wasn’t responding.
That’s when one rescuer immediately started CPR on the tiny cat before rushing her away to a nearby animal hospital.

“Soon after arriving at MedVet, she came around and started crying, which was music to everyone’s ears,” Kamm’s Cat Guardians shared on Facebook. “They kept her until her body temperature was back up to normal and she was eating.”

The kitten has been welcomed into foster care. Sadly, Kamm’s Cat Guardians also said three other kittens that had fallen into the pipe did not survive.

Kamm’s Cat Guardians is asking everybody to cover any open drain pipes on your property to prevent another incident like this from happening in the future.

“Thanks to Gary, Kym, Jim, Craig and Mike, this little one can grow up to live a long life,” Kamm’s Cat Guardians said while praising the team of rescuers. Although our hearts are broken for the ones who couldn’t be saved, we are grateful for little Matilda’s survival.”


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