[Vision2020] 9-7-21 Washington Post: Activists push for delay of U.N. climate summit, as heads of churches issue unprecedented joint statement

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The issues of the impacts of global warming being primarily caused by the
wealthy industrialized nations greenhouse gas emissions, while "poorer"
nations who have per capita not contributed the most to the emissions, will
likely suffer the most dire impacts, given less resources to adapt, has
been known for decades!

If this inequity/climate justice problem has not already been
emphasized and planned for in the preparations for the COP26 Climate Summit
in Scotland, the implications are that these critical responsibilities are
not being taken seriously, regardless of the climate greenwash being
spouted by world leaders in politics and business.

Greta Thunberg's statement 7-1-21 is a worthy and concise commentary on
"climate greenwash" which I suspect the COP26 Climate Summit will feature
in abundance:
The show is over.. Tomorrow 150 weeks will have passed… | by Greta Thunberg
| Medium <https://gretathunberg.medium.com/the-show-is-over-66e03dd38efa>
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U.N. COP26 climate summit should be delayed, activists say, citing vaccine
inequity, costs, pandemic risks - The Washington Post

by Brady Dennis and William Booth

A coalition of activists from around the globe on Tuesday called for the
postponement of a major United Nations climate summit this fall in
Scotland, saying a combination of vaccine inequity, exorbitant lodging
costs and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic could exclude important voices —
particularly those of people from small and developing nations hit hardest
by global warming.

The call to delay the crucial meeting came as the heads of the Catholic,
Orthodox and Anglican churches made an unprecedented joint declaration
urging world leaders to tackle climate change, with special attention paid
to how a warming world will hurt the planet’s most vulnerable people.
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