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labor day' poetry
by  Istfan Alwan, Lahore
A labor is a great man a hard worker
Either he is a painter, engineer, wrier or gate keeper.
From morning till evening they do work honestly
But get reward of their work very hardly
Every work which they do become their passion 
If we look them closely we will have great lesion
They feed us by sowing seed in the fields
And give us hundred fords of their fields
They make bricks in sun shine
Still they are cool and fine
They build palaces for the high authorities
But they (high authorities) don’t give them their priorities
Sometimes they do not get work till evening 
Then they seem like hungry and glooming
That someone come and take them for work
In order to give them money and give them work
Just think how they work and survive
Hardly they bring food in the evening arrive
Never ever they beg from others
Weather they have less than others
Friends! These labors are the heart of our country
Through them running well our country
Now let’s all stand together
And put your hands together (And give them big hands together) 
And solute our labors whose in the form of our parents


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