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By Ed Coet (Major, US Army – Retired)
  I saw a burial with a  bugler playing taps;
        I turned to my father, “what happened?” I asked.
He clutched my hand and with a quiver in his voice,
      he began to explain and his eyes became moist.

“My son,” he said, “this is rather difficult for me;
      for an old veteran like myself this is tough to see.
In that coffin lies a genuine patriotic warrior,
      an honest-to-God hero, an American soldier.

I appreciate that soldier and the service he gave,
      and I honor his sacrifice as he’s laid in his grave.
He was honorable, selfless, courageous, and bold;
      please remember him son, as you grow old.

The value of his service, I must explain,
      if not remembered, will be lost in vain.
As a nation we’re nothing without soldiers like him;
      and failing to remember would be a terrible sin.”

I listened in awe as my father spoke,
      it seemed as if his heart were broke.
I suddenly remembered when he went to war,
      and when he returned I thought nothing more.

I never asked why he walked with a limp,
      and I didn’t care about why he was sick.
I was to busy enjoying the life that I had,
      to realize that I had it because of dad.

I finally understood what my dad was about,
      and it hurt so bad I cried out loud.
He sacrificed so much so I could be free,
      and his battle scars were suffered for me.

It was my father’s spirit that spoke to me that day;
      thank God I finally understood what he had to say.
I saluted his coffin as they laid him to rest,
      and I thought about the medals pinned on his chest

That I didn’t honor him sooner, I will always regret;
      and I pledged that day to never again forget.
I’m proud that my dad was a patriotic warrior;
    I’m honored to be the son of an American soldier.


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