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by George Herbert

Let me once know. 
I sought thee in a secret cave, 
And ask'd, if Peace were there, 
A hollow wind did seem to answer, No: 
Go seek elsewhere. 

I did; and going did a rainbow note: 
Surely, thought I, 
This is the lace of Peace's coat: 
I will search out the matter. 
But while I looked the clouds immediately 
Did break and scatter. 

Then went I to a garden and did spy 
A gallant flower, 
The crown-imperial: Sure, said I, 
Peace at the root must dwell. 
But when I digged, I saw a worm devour 
What showed so well. 

At length I met a rev'rend good old man; 
Whom when for Peace 

I did demand, he thus began: 
There was a Prince of old 
At Salem dwelt, who lived with good increase 
Of flock and fold. 

He sweetly lived; yet sweetness did not save 
His life from foes. 
But after death out of his grave 
There sprang twelve stalks of wheat; 
Which many wond'ring at, got some of those 
To plant and set. 

It prospered strangely, and did soon disperse 
Through all the earth: 
For they that taste it do rehearse 
That virtue lies therein; 
A secret virtue, bringing peace and mirth 
By flight of sin. 

Take of this grain, which in my garden grows, 
And grows for you; 
Make bread of it: and that repose 
And peace, which ev'ry where 
With so much earnestness you do pursue, 
Is only there.


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