[Vision2020] Make America Great Again Huh

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Sun Nov 7 05:04:48 PST 2021

Make America Great Again Huh

Author unknown

"Let's Make America Great Again!" *Sigh* 
Great catch phrase! But...It's a ruse!...It's a lie! 
Let's put the cards on the table! Shall we...Why? 
(Your Brothers and Sisters will probably die!) 
The words are the shallows of a deeper intent 
Meant to allure, with a 'come hither' scent 
Confusing the people, hardening their heart 
To see only the surface and pull them apart 
Skin color...Religion 
Aren't one, respectively 
Being gay or straight doesn't define you, conclusively 
The politicians of this world mostly agree 
But, there are always bad apples picked carelessly 
Each leader, in their own way, seeking applause 
We see you, Mr. President! 
Promoting your cause. 
Dear Sir: 
Sacrifice. Bloodshed. Blame. "The Greater Good!" 
Power hungry narcissism, completely understood 
Sit back, defiant...Poke all the bears 
Implant the hatred, split all the hairs 
Antagonize everyone, so they fight in the street 
Good job Mr. President! Misleading the Sheep 
Distraction-Retraction...Hail to the Chief! 
Reaction-Infraction...Jail to the Thief! 
Minions, placate your ego. Kiss your ass-piring swill 
Turn neighbors on neighbors in "Charlottesville" 
"Violence in Virginia", exposed your "many sides" 
“March for Truth!" @Hashtag: TheRussianRides 
Lack of compassion, 'Not' a leadership quality 
Creates disharmony, resentment... 
Not a "Great Country" policy 
For leaders gone amok and not held accountable 
Reinforces the people to be discountable 
So...Mr. President, of the USA, to "Make America Great" today 
Take lessons from the people. Hear ALL their cries 
Learn from our past, the results, the lies 
Talk truths, decide for all. To stand proud, as ONE 
Own your real skill; Divide and conquer...Your goal 
Your gun 
Dear People: Skin color doesn't matter and beliefs aren't law 
Loving who you love isn't a flaw 
To be who you are, IS a human right 
Just being alive, not reason to fight 
Hatred NOT an option when love is pure 
Sexism is hypocrisy, our value procured 
War is unnecessary, let comradery begin 
For...Equality's reality shows stability within 
No matter the race, the color, the words 
We're all human beings! 
Same sheep...Different herds 
We all have the right to stand and say NO 
To violence, racism, bigotry, and war 
Just let the leaders, alone, fight their enemy 
The winner gets a trophy, the glory, the anomie 
All on their own without us used as bait 
Helping their cause...Envy and hate 
Leave us to OUR land. It's NOT just YOURS 
Freedom and choices from Truth... 
Opens; "Great" doors.


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" (the most fun you can have with your pants on)

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

“A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met.”
- Roy E. Stolworthy
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