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Course Correction

by Kenneth Cheney

Light the nation a new fire; 
Awake the apathetic’s desire; 
Like sheep to Shepherd’s crook; 
We need a new course, old Book. 
Our founders risked it all; 
Starting with Lexington’s one ball; 
The leaders penned a declaration; 
Planting the seeds of a Revolutionary nation; 
One Creator, created all equal, followed by this sequel; 
No statutes of man, can morally end, impose, or ban, on the innocent in the land, 
One’s life, freedom, or choice, to follow their God’s voice. 
It’s an individual’s right not to be fettered by those in the might. 
Hypocrisy held a hundred-year reign. 
Creating a devastation and a pain; 
And yet just as brave souls arose; 
Against a Royal Monarchs pleasures; 
Thousand’s gave their last full measure; 
To end our national blight; 
That said the rules only applied if white; 
A big lie had taken hold; 
This the story that lie told; 
The color of a man’s skin, 
Made a difference on what lied within. 
Men with darker tones, 
Were lesser men and could be owned. 
Oh, this awful, awful lie; 
Took hold both far and wide; 
The horrid ramifications of the deception, 
Have been a burden since the nations inception. 
The big lie, the Devils own invention; 
Is still our governmental convention. 
You hear it daily in the conversation; 
As our leaders divide up our nation; 
Keeping constant score in the fight; 
To divide everything equal between black and white; 
Perhaps I can illustrate my meaning; 
Of the big lies burdensome dealings; 
What if instead of skin it was eyes that divided men? 
Blue and brown, to keep it simple then; 
We could still have majorities and minorities; 
Argue who belongs with whom, based on irregularities. 
There could be a Congressional Blue Caucus, 
A NAABP, the whole situation could be raucous. 
Eyes differentiate us as well as skin. 
If only we could go back in time and do things again; 
But, skin color much easier to identify. 
Than having to look into another man’s eyes. 
I know that many think this notion absurd; 
That it’s the silliest argument they’ve ever heard. 
Different races based on color of faces; 
Has always been the basis of dividing people into places. 
So much simpler to conceptualize, 
Than dividing up based on color of eyes. 
Again, I say it’s a Devilish lie! 
His plan is always divide, divide, divide. 
“One Nation Under God” cannot be achieved; 
As long as we continue to be deceived; 
And count ourselves as different by black and white. 
Trapped by thinking two wrongs can make it right. 
Histories can’t be changed, only futures can be rearranged. 
But outcomes always remain the same, unless peoples thinking change; 
The divine right and bended knee enslaved people for centuries. 
Consent of the governed, a first in history; 
Changed the nature of power forever. 
Yet always those who can’t except the treasure, 
Of free men beholden to none but one another. 
So, despite the warnings from the founders, 
Government grows and liberty flounders. 
Sheep will always need a shepherd, 
Spots cannot be changed by the leopard. 
Wake up and choose the Good Shepherd to lead! 
Stop the carnivores who devour your right to be free!


Seeya 'round town, Moscow, because . . .

"Moscow Cares" (the most fun you can have with your pants on)

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

“A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met.”
- Roy E. Stolworthy
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