[Vision2020] US News 6-15-21: Trump to Visit Southern Border With Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on June 30

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Mon Jun 28 15:16:39 PDT 2021

Trump to Visit Southern Border With Texas Gov. Greg Abbott | National News
| US News

"Former President Donald Trump will accompany Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on a
trip to the southern border at the end of the month, he announced Tuesday
evening in a statement that criticized the Biden administration's handling
of immigration."
When I first heard this, I did not believe it!  Trump gives new extreme
meaning to the concept of a "teflon politician:"
Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

Teflon president - Political Dictionary

"More recently, a number of commentators have asked
President Trump is also made of Teflon."

“Teflon” can also be used to describe any powerful person who manages to
avoid blame over a long period of time. The New York mafia boss John Gotti
was dubbed the Teflon Don
for example, after he managed to avoid conviction in trial after trial
during the 1980s. Gotti was finally convicted in 1992 on 14 counts of
conspiracy to commit murder and racketeering.
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