[Vision2020] 6-23-21: New UN Report: "Worst is yet to come": Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe on PBS NewsHour

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A leaked UN report warns ‘worst is yet to come’ on climate change. Here’s
how you can help | PBS NewsHour

Katharine Hayhoe | Climate Scientist
Katharine Hayhoe: Preaching climate to the unconverted (sagepub.com)

I've for years been following Katharine Hayhoe, who has an admirable
ability to present what might be daunting, complex science in simple,
direct terms.

Also rather incredible, she is an outspoken Evangelical Christian, who with
her pastor husband Andrew Farley, wrote a book on climate: "A Climate for
Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions."  Surprise,
surprise!   Unlike with most evangelicals, this book does not downplay the
seriousness of human caused global warming.

Consider her commentary on yesterday's PBS NewsHour regarding what in some
circles is still considered debatable recent questionable science: that
burning fossil fuels releases heat trapping gases warming our planet,
science going back to the 1800s!
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Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist, Texas Tech University:

I can't comment specifically on the contents of the draft because it is a
confidential document that was provided to governments and experts for
But what I can say is that the results should be no surprise, because we
have known since the 1800s that digging up and burning coal then, now gas
and oil, are producing heat-trapping gases that are wrapping an extra
blanket on the planet.

In 1965, scientists were sufficiently concerned about the risks of climate
change for humans that they formally warned a U.S. president. And that was
Lyndon B. Johnson.


William Brangham:

I mean, it seems like it is stretching to every aspect of what it takes to
survive on Earth.

Katharine Hayhoe:

That is exactly what is at stake.

After the polar bear, we are next. Climate change is not something that
needs to be moved up any of our priority lists. The only reason we care
about it is because it affects every aspect of our lives, from literally
the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to the safety of our homes, to our
economy, to the health of our children.
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