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Courtesy of today’s Moscow-Pullman Daily News with special thanks to the Palouse Pundit, Nick Gier.


God’s mysterious ways

It is amazing that Daily News columnists Chuck Pezeshki and Dale Courtney keep writing about the coronavirus even though they have no credibility on the subject.
They have played down the dangers of the virus; they claim that masks don’t work; and they signed on to the Barrington Declaration, which would have ditched CDC guidelines and resulted in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths to reach herd immunity. Courtney even made fun of COVID-19 testing.
Courtney kept showcasing the Swedes’ covid “success” even though practically everything he wrote about them was incorrect. After so many false starts, anyone with any integrity would have at least corrected himself.
Courtney (May 26) chided me for my column (Sept. 24) in which I expressed concern that after Labor Day, 41 percent of new cases in Latah County came from the University of Idaho campus. During my daily campus walks I witnessed and reported irresponsible activity at the fraternities.
UI President Scott Green acted decisively: he ordered thousands of tests, quarantined students and entire Greek houses, and enforced mask wearing. The rest of Idaho campuses followed suit and the result was that our colleges and universities have some of the best COVID-19 stats in the nation.
Last August, cell phone and GPS surveys estimated that 3,200 new virus infections were occurring daily in and around college towns. Most administrations acted quickly, enforced CDC guidelines, and achieved infection rates far lower than their respective states.
In a previous letter I reported how religious groups (orthodox Jews and evangelicals) that have not followed covid protocol have been super spreaders. Vietnam is now testing the entire population of Hanoi because of a covid outbreak traced to an evangelical church.
God works in mysterious ways, saving his grace for 2,000 (Courtney’s count) mask-less and virus-free Christians in Moscow.
Nick Gier


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