[Vision2020] 6-7-21 NOAA: Carbon dioxide peaks near 420 parts per million at Mauna Loa observatory

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Mon Jun 7 13:25:06 PDT 2021

At the Citizens' Climate Lobby table at the Moscow Farmers Market on Sat.
June 5, someone commented that progress to address climate change is "too

In fact there has been no progress to address climate change!

This assessment can scientifically be supported by one fact which anyone
can investigate.

"Progress" means, at minimum, atmospheric CO2 levels stop increasing.  More
effectively for the long term, it means these levels must decrease, given
current CO2 levels are inducing significant negative climate impacts.  But
stopping the continuous increase must occur for any reasonable scientific
definition of "progress."  Talk of "progress" to address climate change is
misleading at best, outright deception at worst, even if well intentioned
by some people, given this June 7, 2021 data on atmospheric CO2 level:

Carbon dioxide peaks near 420 parts per million at Mauna Loa observatory -
Welcome to NOAA Research

In May, NOAA's measurements at the mountaintop

observatory averaged 419.13 ppm. Scientists at

Scripps calculated a monthly average of 418.92

ppm. The average in May 2020 was 417 ppm.

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