[Vision2020] ACT: Find the Moscow Ready for 100 and Climate Justice League team at the Farmer's Market tomorrow! Plus more ways to learn and support Ready for 100% in Moscow!

Ted Moffett starbliss at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 10:29:34 PDT 2021

Hello Moscow Clean Energy friends!

First off - thank you for signing your name in support of 100% clean,
renewable energy in Moscow, Idaho!  We're so excited to have your
support in this!   If you want to learn more about the campaign, and the
positive impact that such a plan could have for Moscow's climate, economy
and more, please see the flier attached to this email.  You can also quickly
read about Avista Power's 100% clean electricity commitment here
including a pledge by Avista Power to provide carbon neutral electricity by

*📣What can you do RIGHT NOW to support the campaign for Moscow to prepare
for the Climate Economy of the Future?📣*

1) Can you *share the petition* that you signed with at least *3 people*,
and have them sign it too?!  You can find a link to the petition here.
Better yet - forward this email to at least three people and/or post the
petition on social media.  We are just under 300 people - can you help us
get to that number by the end of the weekend?

2) Most importantly (!), *please keep an eye out at the Moscow Farmers
Market tomorrow *for representatives from Moscow's very own Ready for 100
and Climate Justice League program!  They are going to be recording 30
second videos from members of the community asking you to explain why
you *support
the City of Moscow in joining the ranks of over 180 cities, including over
100 million people* across the county in commiting to a transition to 100%
clean energy!

3) If you have the time, tune into the *City of Boise's City Council
working session at 3pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, June 8th*.  You can find a
link to the agenda packet here
along with a link to virtual meetings here.

Boise's Public Works Department and Climate Action Division is going to be
presenting their *robust, not pie-in-the-sky, economy-growing Climate
Action Roadmap* on Tuesday, which includes commitments to 100% municipal
clean electricity by 2030, 100% community-wide clean electricity by 2035 (a
full 10 years ahead of Idaho Power 2045 commitment), along with a citywide
carbon neutrality goal by 2050.  Boise is following in the footsteps of
close to *49 communities across the US, including places as far flung as
Greensburg, KS and Kodiak Island, AK and Burlington, VT, that have already
accomplished obtaining 100% clean energy for their entire community*.

We'll be sure to send out a link for the recording from the city council
meeting, so stay tuned!  Thanks, all!

*Please let me know directly if you would like to unsubscribe.*

Eric Willadsen (he/him)
Conservation Program Manager
Idaho Chapter Sierra Club
Boise, ID, 860-985-7501
Shoshone-Bannock Traditional Lands <https://native-land.ca/>

*I may send emails at odd hours, please don't feel like you have to reply.*
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