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Courtesy of today’s Lewiston Tribune with special thanks to Jim Fisher.


WSU’s refusenik

The longer Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich gets away with his stiff arm to the WSU community by refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and refusing to say why, the weaker WSU President Kirk Schulz looks.
Rolovich may be the school’s highest paid employee, but he is nevertheless an employee. And his conspicuous failure to follow what is supposed to be a university policy threatens to make the policy, and the university, a laughingstock.
What’s more, how can anyone at a public institution tell the public his reasons for flouting a requirement that all students and staff are expected to meet are none of the public’s business?
If Shulz permits this to stand, every student and staff member will know that requirement is little more than a vaporous wish they are free to ignore, and to scoff at.
Jim Fisher
1969 WSU graduate


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