[Vision2020] NWS Spokane, 7-9-21: Drought Information Statement: "...one farmer tore up 600 acres of spring wheat because it was doing so poorly."

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Drought Information Statement

National Weather Service Spokane WA

635 PM PDT Fri Jul 9 2021

An excerpt from this statement:

Agricultural impacts...

In the dryland agriculture of eastern Washington, record low winter
wheat, spring wheat, barley and hay have been reported and are
currently setting historic low records.

In Benewah and Kootenai Counties, wheat heads are not filling up.
Hay is at 1/2 to 2/3rd crop loss.

In Nez Perce county, wheat is about 25-50% of normal.  There is talk
of not harvesting bluegrass.  Spring crops are not doing well with
below normal yields.  There is no pasture for feed.

In Lewis County, hay is 1/3 of normal.  Some are trying to find
pastures for livestock.  There have been some animal deaths (sheep)
due to the heat.  Some farmers are taking their wheat as a complete
loss and are having animals come graze the land instead of the
harvest.  People are estimating 20 bushels of wheat (60 is
considered bad).

In Whitman County, one farmer tore up 600 acres of spring wheat
because it was doing so poorly.

In Lincoln County, older generations have never seen it this bad.
Spring wheat did not grow and was very short. Graze and pasture is
low and drying up. Even irrigated areas are having problems.
Livestock farmers are mitigating their herds because of lack of food
and water.

In Asotin County, producers are unable to buy cattle hay and are
retaining the bulk of hay for their own cattle.  There will be a
severe hay shortage. Pastures have dried up and only had about 30%
of their normal yield, where pastures normally hold out till mid
June. They are importing hay from outside the region to feed cows or
forced to sell this year`s slaughter animals early due to lack of
feed. Several springs for our cattle have under produced and
additional water is hauled in to supplement the springs.

In Stevens County, several reports of fields producing less than 50%
of the normal hay crop with some sections not cut as there wasnt
enough to make it worth their expenses.


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