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Forgot to include Viz.

Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA

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If you'd known about this website a week or two ago, you might have gotten
an appointment https://www.idahoprepmod.com/ .  It showed up in the Daily
News this morning. People who heard about it by word of mouth earlier
probably got appointments, but by now, most of February is taken. One
friend from Moscow has to drive to Orofino for his. The problem is that
Idaho (and other states) opened the eligibility to a lot more people than
they have vaccines for. Right now, 530,000 people in Idaho are eligible but
the state only gets 22,000 doses per week.

Ron Force
Moscow Idaho USA

On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 11:09 AM Roger Hayes <rhayesmoscowid at gmail.com>

> So, I've been looking into how to get the Covid vaccine. Website of the
> Health department in Lewiston says call your pharmacy or primary care
> physician. There's no way any pharmacy or clinic is going to be able to
> handle the number of people who want and are qualified to get the shot.
> Other places have mobile vaccination centers. I feel Gritman should handle
> this. But then, there seems to be a dearth of planning by the state or
> feds. About time we took this seriously especially when it says that
> seniors can get the shot at the beginning of February.
> Meanwhile the Idaho House has forwarded legislation that effectively
> cancels Little's health initiatives. Welcome to Idaho.
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